Saturday, August 11, 2012

Grocery List...but no meal plan

Hello Everyone! Since I was gone most of last week and for the beginning of this week, I have gotten super behind on making meal plans. I feel like such a slacker, and I feel like without time to make real meals I have eaten terribly :( Oh well, it was just two weeks. So, I will go shopping again on Monday with a real shopping list and meal plan and I CANNOT WAIT! Although, I will only be around for a few days next week as well. Ok, since we were out of town this week with the jr. high youth group, I spent way under budget which is definitely happy! Check it out...

Eggs (1.48), banana (.68), pudding cups (.89), hot dogs (.99), peanut butter (4.49), fruit leather (1.99), shredded cheese (2.79), cream cheese (1.19), ground beef (4.35), tortilla chips (1.19), pickles (.99)

Grand Total: 21.03

I have made tacos, PB& banana sandwiches, and nachos for meals this week so far. Nothing stellar or particularly healthy, but that's what we got for now :)

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