Thursday, February 7, 2013

This Week's Menu

Hello! We were out of town all weekend which always gets me a little behind. Then today I had someone come in to evaluate my class, which is routine, but also pretty frightening. So, as much as I wanted to stay on top of this more, there will just be days that I miss between posts :) Today I am posting our weekly meal plan and what we are purchasing. If you don't remember we stay within $45 a week. It used to be $50, but with tax increases our budget has changed a bit. It has been interesting staying within these means with buying healthier food, but I haven't had a problem so far. So, here it is...

                Breakfast: smoothie
                Lunch:  rice and beans
                Dinner:  date night...Noodles & Co with our birthday coupon!
Dessert:  chocolate muffins
                Breakfast:  lime greek yogurt
                Lunch:  cheese sticks and kashi bar
                Dinner:   black beans, corn cakes
                Breakfast:   greek yogurt
                Lunch:    chili, cornbread
                Dinner:   chicken with sundried tomato basil sauce, cauliflower steak
                Breakfast:  cereal
                Lunch:   cheese stick, granola bar
                Dinner:  chili, cornbread
                Breakfast:  smoothie
                Lunch:  creamy avocado rice
                Dinner:  tacos
                Breakfast: smoothie
                Lunch: PBJ
                Dinner: cauliflower gratin, hamburgers
                Breakfast: yogurt
                Lunch: cheese sticks, granola bar
                Dinner:   on your own! leftovers from freezer

Groceries: cheese sticks (2.49), kidney beans (.59), white beans (.59), black beans (1.2), bananas (2.00), otis spunkmeyer (coupon), atkins meal (coupon), avocado(.39), milk(1.49), cauliflower(1.69), greek yogurt (3.29), tortillas(1.69), rice(1.79), lime juice (.99), frozen fruit(2.19), sugar (1.42), lunch meat (2.49), popcorn (1.88), orange juice-2 (1.88) rice cakes-2(2.6), shredded cheddar (2.99)

Grand Total: 33.72...even some to spare! I may just have to use that for something fun for my hubs for valentine's day :)

You may notice some random items on the list, these are free coupons I have gotten in the mail and even though they aren't particularly healthy, an unhealthy snack from time to time isn't going to kill us, and in fact, it might even help us stay on the path to eating more healthy food without feeling burned out. Also, there are things we already have in our pantry like sundried tomatoes which I make myself, I will post on it someday probably. Also, I make my own bread now so I know what is in it, which is why we don't purchase any bread for sandwiches. Again, I know this is not perfect health wise, but we are trying to incorporate more real foods into our diet and decrease sugar and processed food. We can't afford all organic, but perhaps one day we will. For now, we have seen the changes just by eating normal portion sizes and eating less processed food!

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