Monday, March 12, 2012

Bathroom Organization

Well, I said I did two projects today, and that is not a lie! The other project I completed was something for my bathroom. I hate throwing things away, and I hate buying things that I can make myself, so this project is something I was very excited about. In my bathrooms, I have pretty limited cabinet/under sink space. So, I use my hallway closet A LOT! It has tons of space. Anyway, the problem with this is that I don't always have a spare roll of toilet paper in the bathroom because I only have room for one. Sometime I forget to put one in after I change the roll, sometimes my fiance forgets when he's over, and sometimes a guest just doesn't know to tell me :) Either way, having those rolls is vital! lol So, I am fixing this by creating a space that holds two rolls AND my headbands. Thus, creating more bathroom space. So, how did I do this? Well, I love oatmeal. You are probably wondering what this has to do with anything at this point, but it is extremely relevant. The item that is creating this space is an oatmeal container, one of those big ones that has the oats in it, not the box with packets. It's the perfect size to fit toilet paper rolls in, and headbands hang around it just right! (I also love headbands)

The first thing I did I was mod podge, of course! haha So, I again used the scraps from my programs and made my oatmeal container look beautiful! Then I added the headbands.

And lastly, the toilet paper...

It looks great on the back of my toilet, and now I have more room under my sink!

Happy Organizing :)

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