Monday, March 12, 2012

Pull Out Plastic Bags

So, I love days off! I love organizing and baking and cleaning and all those very domestic types of things. Luckily, I have today off! So, here are some projects I've been working on. I have been pretty busy with all the wedding stuff (got the marriage license today :), but I do like making time for projects around the house. I worked on two today. The first was organizing my plastic bags. If you're anything like me, you have an entire cabinet or drawer taken up with those pesky plastic bags. They don't add up quickly at my house because I use reusable bags, but eventually from forgetting my bags or not being in my car or whatever they do add up! So, today I took back my cabinet space and told those bags who is boss! So, pull out plastic bags is what happened :)
Voila! Tiny container that looks cute enough to set out if I need to, and a whole lot of extra space. Now, I was skeptical when I first heard you could do this. I'm glad I didn't give in to the skepticism. They pull out nicely and easily when you need them. So, the reason I chose today is because I finally ran out of wipes for my car dashboard and had the container to use. Once I had that, I just need to fold up the bags!

The first thing you need to do is flatten your bags nicely the way they were before you used them. Lay them flat and smooth all of the air out. Once you do that, fold them long-ways and line them up. I have two rolls, one in the container and one back up (which I just taped on the end so it was ready when I needed it) I used 12 bags for one and 16 for the other. 

Hopefully, the picture is clear enough that you can see how you fold them length wise and then the next step is laying them out in a loooong line. Make sure you have plenty of room when you do this, it will take up the length of an entire room :) So lay them down so the handles overlap on the bag underneath them. Once you have them all laid out, you need to start rolling! There is a method though...

On the first bag of the line, turn the handles up (pictured above) Then begin rolling from that end, leaving the handles poking out. This is where the top will be poking out of the container ready to be used. Once they are all rolled up, just place them in the plastic container and you are good to go!
I, personally, don't like ugly plastic bottles, so I fixed mine up a bit. I'm not overly crafty, so my mod podge skills could use some work, but that's what I did. I used the left over paper from my wedding programs (which happily matches the green in my kitchen, or soon to be kitchen once we get our wedding stuff out) and mod podged it onto the bottle. It is much nicer looking now. Before it was an armorall label, which didn't match anything.

Let me know if you have any questions! Happy organizing!

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