Friday, July 20, 2012

Autumn Wreath

Ok, so a few things today :)

First of all...tomorrow is my FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!!!!! Make sure to stop by tomorrow morning to find out how you can enter and win my first giveaway!!!!

Second, I finally started a full time job this week! I've worked twice which has been nice, but it also means I may have less time for blogging. I'm one of those people who likes to plan ahead, so hopefully I can stay pretty regular with posts by getting prepared on my days off. I am terribly sorry if I start slacking, but as you might have seen in an earlier post, I don't make money from this blog, and while I do really enjoy having it, I also have to help my family pay the bills. I'm sure you can relate.

Alright, with that being said, today I am sharing something sort of random. It doesn't really fit with the season, BUT I've been on a big wreath kick on Pinterest. You can check out my wreath board and leave me suggestions or links to other awesome wreaths, or wreaths you've done :) Anyway, the only wreath I've ever made was a nice fall one, so I am excited to get started making some inspired wreaths from Pinterest. It is surprisingly easy to make a wreath, so that is at least happy! Check it out!

So, you just need a wreath from the store. I'm not exactly sure what this kind is called, but it looks like it's made with twigs basically. The other items I got were dried flowers, raffia, and some decorative items from the fake flower section of Michaels.

I arranged the flowers and accent items in a way that I found appealing and then tied them all together in a nice loose arrangement. Then I glued that arrangement to the wreath itself. I then use the raffia to make a nice little bow which looks way nicer than string, and tied that around both the wreath base and the flowers.My last step was to glue the three flower heads onto the bow for a nice final touch.

I know we don't all have the same tastes, but I hope this can at least inspire you to get creative on a wreath for fall. It will be coming up before we know it! It's already almost time for school to start, so get a jump start on your fall decorating so you will be prepared when it actually gets here!!

Have a great day!

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