Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Meal Plan 12

Hello! Ok, so this week is weird yet again! I am sorry for the inconsistency, but that is what life gives us, isn't it? This week is a little odd because I am only shopping for myself :( My wonderful husband is away being an amazing youth pastor in South Dakota on a missions trip. I am sooo proud of him and so happy that he is all mine, but I am sad to be cooking for myself all week.

Meal Plan 7/23-7/29
                Breakfast: PB/chocolate Greek yogurt
                Lunch: sandwich, dried fruit, and sweet potato chips
                Dinner: rice with black beans, cilantro, lime & veggie taco, dried fruit

                Breakfast: yogurt blueberry bread
                Lunch: spinach, avocado, goat cheese grilled cheese
                Dinner:  Soft Pretzels with mustard and dried fruit
                Breakfast: yogurt blueberry bread
                Lunch: mushroom, barley risotto and “chicken”
                Dinner:  leftover pretzels and fruit

                Breakfast: blueberry bread
                Lunch: mushroom and leek pizza
                Dinner:  mushroom/barley risotto
                Breakfast: blueberry bread
                Lunch: Panko Crusted Tofu
                Dinner:  mushroom and leek pizza
                Breakfast: bread or cereal
                Lunch: mushroom pizza
                Dinner: whatever Josh wants :) and cheesecake (his favorite)
                Breakfast: cereal
                Lunch: leftovers
                Dinner:  youth group...so frozen pizza probably

Groceries: avocado (.89), goat cheese (3.99), mushrooms (2 packages) (1.29), garlic cloves (.89), coconut oil (5.98), veggie crumble (3.99), pizza crust (2 pack) (2.99), 3 leeks (2.48), mozzarella cheese (2.99), apple cider vinegar (1.99), strawberries (1.29), cheesecake mix (2.49), gelatin (1.25), whipped topping (.89), ice cream (2.69)

 Grand Total: 37.68

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