Monday, July 2, 2012

Meal Plan #9

Hello everyone! Welcome to a new week :) So, this week is a little weird because my mother-in-law is in town and staying with us all week. She came into town on Friday and so we ended up going out to eat since we had some extra fun money left over for June! The rest will go to savings, of course, but a little fun never hurt :) Anyway, on to this week's menu...I think it will be a yummy one!

Meal Plan 7/2-7/9
                Breakfast: cereal
                Lunch: leftovers
                Dinner: baked broccoli and quinoa, salad
Dessert: lemon blackberry cheesecake

                Breakfast: cereal
                Lunch: hummus, veggies, fruit
                Dinner:  pesto chicken and roasted broccoli
                Breakfast: cereal
                Lunch: tortilla, beans, cheese
                Dinner:  4th of July…grilled food or with someone

                Breakfast: greek yogurt/PB
                Lunch: leftovers
                Dinner:  crockpot ranch porkchops, salad, garlic bread
                Breakfast: cereal
                Lunch: sandwiches, chips, fruit
                Dinner:  quinoa black bean burger, chips
                Breakfast: banana peanut butter bread pudding
                Lunch: quesadillas
                Dinner: out with family
                Breakfast: cereal
                Lunch: leftovers
                Dinner:  youth group, something quick and easy!

Groceries: kiwi (3.98), parmesan (1.99), cream cheese (2.38), greek yogurt(3.29), blackberries (3.98), lemon(.29), broccoli(1.79), shredded cheddar(2.79),  1 can cream of chicken(.59), ranch packet(.69), spinach(1.69), yogurt(1.79), sweet potato chips(1.99), chips(1.79), strawberries(.99), pecans(3.99), feta(1.99), milk(1.49), appetizer fun food (4.98), fruit leather (1.99), cinnamon rolls (1.39), frozen pizza (1.98), bread (.99)

Grand Total: 48.82

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