Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Royal Red" Burger

My husband and I enjoy Red Robin from time to time. It's a really yummy burger place. Plus, they substitute all sandwiches with a boca patty AND unlimited still my heart! Anyway, my husband happens to enjoy this burger I find very odd called the "Royal Red" its a burger with a fried egg on it. It couldn't sound less appealing to me, BUT he loves it, and I've heard good things from others who have tried it, so I attempted my own version of such a thing. Check it out...

1/4 cup ground turkey (shh..don't tell my husband it's not beef)
1 egg
1 slice cheese (your choice)
1 bun (or 2 slices of bread if you're us)
any other burger toppings you fancy

Shape ground turkey into a patty shape and using a glass, punch out the middle of the patty and add to the edges of the burger. Place onto skillet and begin to brown. Crack egg into the middle of the burger and cook until cooked all the way through. Place on bun, add condiments and enjoy!

Finished burgers! Husband loooved them :)

Also, I'd just like to say that I am a big advocate of making things the way you like them! Get crazy and add other weird toppings, this blog is just a way to get our family favorites out there so that you can be inspired to create your own version, and hopefully, it's a hit for you too!!

Chef In Training 

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