Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July Date

It's date time again! Saturday was our official date day and boy, was it beautiful out! We were originally going to go on Friday since Josh took that as his day off during the week (he gets Saturday and one other day off since he is a pastor all day Sunday) but while I was running I got really sick. My vision started to get blurry and dark like I might pass out so I stopped running and walked thinking it would pass, but it just kept happening. So, I got freaked out and went home to relax. My vision finally cleared up, but by then I had a terrible headache and stomachache and ended up sleeping and watching movies with him all day instead. It worked out though! It ended up thunderstorming, so our date wouldn't have worked anyway.

The reason it would not have worked is because this month's date was a picnic! I planned July and chose for us to do a picnic in a fun place (a new park we'd never been to here), play card games, and make a together list! Check out how it turned out :)

All of the goods for the trip!

Our together list paper, card games (5 Crowns and Phase 10), and the books we are currently reading!

Lots of food...weren't sure how long we'd be gone. Cream cheese/jelly tortilla, yogurt, veggies/hummus, chips/salsa, fruit leather, snack bars, and oreos...we definitely didn't eat all this haha

Our lake view. We were on a little cliff, very fun!

We picked a nice shady spot since it was 90 out :)

To see the rest of our dates for the year, and to see how this whole thing started, check out my post on our wedding gift to one another!

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