Friday, April 20, 2012

Iowa Interview

Well, I will be leaving tomorrow morning early for the weekend. I won't be back until sometime Monday because my husband has an interview. We are both really excited to see where this takes us. The funny part is that I have been applying for jobs since I graduated from grad school last June, and the only place that took me was a pet store...not exactly using my skills. However, it does help with the bills, so I try not to complain, and I LOVE animals.

Back in February we decided to start applying for jobs all over the country because we wanted to move once we got married. Josh has a degree in youth ministry and mine are in behavioral neuroscience and forensic psychology. The first job I found online for Josh to take a peek at is now the job that has him as a candidate! That means we are going there this weekend after three different interviews (phone, skype, and they came here for an in person) to meet everyone, do Q&A, teach and work with the kids, and hopefully find out that he got the job. He is the only person they are currently looking at for the position. We are really excited, but it is funny how God works. I had been applying to tons of jobs, and couldn't find a thing, and the first thing Josh applies for, he might be getting!

God works in mysterious ways, but lets just hope that this one goes all the way through so that we can start a new adventure together as a married couple! Keep us in your prayers as we travel to a new place, and for God's will in the job :) Can't wait to see what happens! I will update you again on Monday when we should know whether or not he got it!!

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