Monday, April 30, 2012

Meal Plan 4

Well, as we will find out for sure this coming Sunday whether we will be moving soon and we will be going to Arizona next week, we are trying to use up all of our food at our house, that way we have less waste :) So, there isn't much we are buying this week. In our cupboards we already have rice, potatoes, pizza kit, pork chops, chicken breasts, meat substitutes, beans, and shredded cheese. Plus, we have lots of fillers for lunches like granola bars, fruit leather, and crackers.

Meal Plan 4/30-5/6
                Breakfast: cereal
                Lunch: sandwiches, chips, fruit
                Dinner: pizza and salad

                Breakfast: cereal
                Lunch: sandwiches, chips, fruit
                Dinner: easy garlic chicken, roasted lemon cauliflower, corn
                Breakfast: cereal
                Lunch: sandwiches, chips, fruit
                Dinner: pork chops, meatless meatballs, parmesan baked potatoes
                Breakfast: oatmeal square
                Lunch: sandwiches/fruit/chips
                Dinner:  boiled red potatoes, chicken/fake burger
                Breakfast: cereal
                Lunch: sandwiches, chips, fruit
                Dinner:  rice, beans, and cheese
                Breakfast: donut mix in cupboard (cinnamon)
                Lunch: rice, beans, cheese
                Dinner: tortellini
                Breakfast: cereal
                Lunch: leftovers
                Dinner:  rice mix in lazy susan, salad, burritos

Groceries: fruit(3.37), , bread (.99), chips (1.19), sliced cheese (1.99), garlic cloves (2.00), parm (1.99), yogurt (1.79), welch's fruit fizz(2.89), 2 cinnamon pretzels(4.78), feta cheese(1.99), cheese sticks (2.49), blueberry shredded wheat (1.99), popcorn (1.49), mozzarella (2.99), tortillas (.35), tortilla chips (1.19)

Grand Total: 30.28

Since we are using up what we have at home, we knew we'd be way under budget. So, we added a few fun items to our list like the welch's fruit fizz and two of the cinnamon pretzels since we knew they'd be eaten :) Plus, Josh enjoys late night nachos and quesadillas, how he stays so thin I will never know haha

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