Sunday, April 15, 2012


Happy Sunday, everyone! If you don't know this, I enjoy knitting.So, I thought I would tell you my knitting story. It is so fun, and you get a great product once you are done. I don't tackle many big projects because I like to see the final product sooner as opposed to later, so I stick with small projects such as headbands, scarves, mittens, and the like. However, headbands are my favorite! They turn out so cute! The one pictured above was my first ever headband, and the first item I made for myself instead of for other people. It is Purdue colors. The thing that makes headbands so fun is that they are so versatile!

You can add so many fun things to make it cute and girly!! Plus, you can use so many different colors and they still look great. I know this probably just seems like a plug for my products, but I absolutely love knitting and haven't blogged about it yet. I actually started knitting in college when my aunt taught me over Christmas break. I knitted a few things, and then just gave it up because I got so busy doing other things. You know how college life is. When I started grad school, I didn't really enjoy watching TV much, and because I was busy all the time, when I did have free time I felt like I needed to use it wisely. So, I started taking up knitting again. This time around I stuck with it and taught myself all kinds of fun new stuff. Since then, I have taught myself to make hats and mittens. I've learned cool new stitches, and learned to memorize some patterns (headbands included) I didn't attempt a headband until after I finished my first hat and mitten set (which I gave to my now husband for Christmas) and it turned out great!! So, I kept knitting and people kept telling me that they would buy my stuff from me. 

After I finished grad school, I came home and couldn't find a job. This was pretty disheartening, so I began looking for other ways to make money. I tried to be as frugal as possible and began clipping coupons, walking places instead of driving, finding creative ways to have fun without money, and knitting for money! I started my facebook page and threw out the idea of selling my products, and people leapt at the chance to buy my stuff! I was super excited and made a good amount of extra money just from my hobby. I will make a post later about making money from hobbies, but for now you get the general idea. I am still tweaking it and working on how to make it even more lucrative (especially in summer), but it has been a fun experience! Let me know if you are at all interested! And visit Kara's Knits to learn more about my knitted products!

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