Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meal Plan #2

Well, like I promised, here is the second meal plan! We will be out of town this weekend for an interview and they are paying for the accommodations and food and everything, so I didn't need to add that in. Also, I forgot to mention last time that our grocery budget also includes toiletries. So, if we run out of a lot of toiletries one week, PBJ, grilled cheese and ramen are on the menu :) And on that note, we have a special budget for our wonderful puppy Buchanan. He gets $30 a month. Maybe one day I will discuss how we spend our money on the little guy, but for now on to the menu!!

                Breakfast: oatmeal
                Lunch: sandwiches/snack
                Dinner: roasted cauliflower, pasta (with olive oil and spices)
                Breakfast: cereal
                Lunch: sandwiches, chips, fruit
                Dinner: cauliflower puree, pork chops

                Breakfast: toast
                Lunch: sandwiches, chips, fruit
                Dinner:  asparagus risotto, herbed chicken, mashed cauliflower
                Breakfast: oatmeal square
                Lunch: sandwiches/fruit/chips
                Dinner:  cheesy cauliflower tots, pork chops
                Breakfast: cereal
                Lunch: sandwiches, chips, fruit
                Dinner: rice, beans, and cheese
                Out of Town
                Out of Town

Groceries: cauliflower, 2 heads(3.60), fruit (4.00), bread(.99), pork chops (4.94), lunch meat (4.98), lettuce (2.00), parmesan (2.00), ranch seasoning packet(.69), cream of chicken (.59), chips (1.19), sponges (.99), contact solution (3.19), hot dogs (.90), eggs (.90), yogurt (2.60), shredded cheese (2.79)

Since I add up as I go in the store, I knew I had a few extra dollars, so I picked up an ALDI special (which we love, but they hardly ever have) for 2.79...cinnamon/sugar pretzels. You bake them and they are a yummy dessert! Worked out quite well because our grand total with tax (for contact solution and sponges) was....

Total: 38.74

A very successful trip, that extra money will go toward something else.

For meal ideas check out Meal Plan 1

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