Thursday, April 26, 2012

Life Without TV, pt. 2

So, last week I discussed the reasons and advantages of living life without TV and this week I want to share what we do with all that extra time! As newlyweds we have had some adjustments to make, like figuring out who does which chores around the house, matching our schedules, and other little things that we encounter as we go along through life. This is one of the fun parts about being newlywed, trying to figure out how to live together most effectively!

So, what do we enjoy doing with all of our time without television. Well, there are a few things in particular that are our favorites. The first thing we have really enjoyed doing together is cooking! We have been trying new recipes, looking on pinterest, making our weekly menus, and then trying them out during the week. We have so much fun doing this. Sometimes the recipes turn out great, sometimes they turn out terribly, but when we are doing it together it doesn't really matter because it's fun! We get to learn about one another's likes and tastes in food even more, and be silly while we figure out what we are doing in the kitchen.

Another thing we have recently taken up is writing. Josh and I have begun writing a book together. It might sound a little cheesy or silly, but we have had sooo much fun doing this! We have picked out the plot and outlined the characters and story line. We have also begun the first three chapters and written a prologue. It has been a blast. Since we both adore reading (we even had a book theme to our wedding), it is very enjoyable for us to work on a story of our own together. We are writing a fun fantasy novel with goblins, elves, orcs, and humans. We even have an idea for a trilogy. Now, books may not be your thing, or writing may seem boring to you, but there is something that you and your husband or family will enjoy together if you don't have a TV. You just have to talk it out and figure it out :)

One of our favorite things to do together, and with our puppy, is walk. We LOVE taking walks together. Buchanan, the puppy, loves it too. It is not only a great way for us to talk and get to know one another, but it is also healthy for us. And I love fun, easy ways to stay fit! I'm sure you do too! So, now that it is getting warmer and stays light out longer, walking is a perfect way for us to spend a good half hour to an hour of our evening together. It's also a great way to get to know your neighborhood, which is fun. Buchanan knows all the neighborhood dogs now and pets are a great way to bond with  your neighbors. Our puppy is very well socialized seeing as our neighbors have everywhere from a chihauhua to a great dane and everything in between as well. So, taking walks is a multi purpose tool. It can be for you as well, for your children making friends, for you to make friends, for a safer more community style neighborhood that gets along well. So, ditch the TV and take a walk!

Lastly, we do things around the house. I love a neat house, I love organizing, and I love taking care of our yard. So, we have time to vacuum a few times a week, clean all the dishes, make our lunches for the next day, mow the lawn at least once a week, keep the counters wiped down, keep the house dusted, and keep everything organized. It has been very helpful for keeping the house and yard in tip top shape! It doesn't take much time each evening just to clean up a bit, but there is no temptation to just sit and watch TV, so it almost always gets done (assuming I didn't get home too late for work or aren't sick or something).

So, that's it! That is what we do with all of our free time. Of course, we do the normal things too like reading, meeting up with friends, going to Bible studies and other church events, and the like. If you need any suggestions or help on fun things to do without television just let me know and we can figure something out, I'm sure!

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