Thursday, April 5, 2012

Planning a Wedding Pt. 1-Invitations

If you're like me, you like to save money. And I really like to save money. So, one thing I did for my wedding to save money was to make my own invitations. It is sooo much cheaper (I saved hundreds making them and printing them myself) and they turned out great! Now, the reason I made more than one style of invitation is because I used what I had. The cardstock was something that i had at home, and since it was different, I made different invitations. Lucky for me, my mother-in-law does Stampin' Up and has tons of rubber stamps and ink options, so I didn't even need to buy the cool stamps to make them pretty. In fact, the only purchase I made for these was ribbon and I guess my ink cartridge which didn't even get used up all the way. So, if you total some ribbon (I bought 4 spools) and a black ink cartridge I spend about $30 altogether. And considering just to get them printed would have cost me $200, I think that is quite the deal!! As for envelopes, I also had those and just made clear address labels with everyone's addresses which was quick and easy, and looked great. I think I spent another $15 on the address and return address labels for the invitations and RSVP cards.

So, my advice to you....look around on pinterest, theknot, wherever you want for inspiration, and then figure out how to make them yourself! It is worth the time, plus it is a great way to get your bridesmaids involved in your wedding!!

Let me know if you have questions or need inspiration!!!

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