Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Planning a Wedding, pt. 4- Escort Cards

I think I am on a bit of a wedding kick right now. I found out my pictures will be in soon, and some friends posted their pictures from the wedding on Facebook, so now I have some to share. So, back to some wedding planning tips, tools, and ideas! Since I am not a big fan of the traditional, I wanted something creative and different for my escort cards. I also wanted something easy for me, since I was doing so much of my own wedding. Again, to stick with the vintage theme, I wanted something old looking. Luckily, this summer we went to visit some of Josh's family who happens to have a large, old barn that I rummaged through. I had been thinking about using old paned windows, and they had some!! They were beautiful! I loved them, so I stole them for a few months :)

This is how the turned out!! So, to get started you need your windows. These are pretty popular right now, so they might be hard to find, but I have seen them in antique shops and thrift stores around here. Once I got my windows, I chose some paper that I liked for the background. I found this at Michael's in a big book of paper, for only $10!! Now I have tons of extra to use for other crafts, and I used some for the programs, and for other crafts I've done on my blog!

Anyway, before you put the paper in, you must choose who is sitting at which table, which is possibly the most difficult part of wedding planning. Once I figured out who was going where, I typed up the table name at the top of the paper (we used author names) and then wrote all the names of guests underneath. I printed out the papers, and then arranged the lists in the window panes in a visually appealing manner. Since I didn't have numbers, they didn't need to go in any certain order, so I didn't need to print the lists on certain paper to look nice. I used tape to place them in the back of the windows, and voila, I was finished! Easy as pie (besides choosing who went where :), and there are my "escort cards." Again, an easy way to save money, but looked great too!

Speaking of saving money, we got a great deal on our guest book! Since I bought my dress at David's Bridal, they sent me a coupon code for a free guest/photo book. It turned out so cute, and all I paid for was shipping. I liked this idea because I had recently been cleaning out my room to prepare for Josh to move into it, and found old guest books for open houses and the like and had no incentive to keep them. Since this guest book has our engagement photos, we will definitely keep it, it's a two for one! And even better news, we have two more coupon codes for photo books from David's Bridal now that the wedding is over for our wedding pictures! Can't wait to use them :) Now, those are some deals!


  1. Looks like everything is falling into place just perfectly!! Looks wonderful! We loved having you join us for our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." Please come back again soon. -The Sisters

  2. Thanks for sharing on Saturday Show and Tell. Looks like things are going well. Can't wait to hear more. Please join again this week.

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