Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Meal Plan 7

We have some very exciting news!! We've been house hunting, and the reason my menu is up late is because our offer was accepted for a house!! We have paperwork to go through still and we won't close until July because it is a HUD house which means there is a lot of government red tape to go through, but it is a wonderful fixer upper with all the things we really want. Buchanan will have a fenced in yard, we will have a basement and fireplace and a cool underground garage! Anyway, we are excited to get everything completed (and hope that everything works out, since it isn't officially ours until keys are in hand) and start fixing it up! We have so many ideas, and can't wait to get started :) If you have tips on a new house let us know! We have flipped once before, but it's different when it's your own. Hope you are all having a great week too!

Meal Plan 6/18-6/24
                Breakfast: cereal
                Lunch: sandwiches, chips, fruit
                Dinner: tacos, chips and salsa
Dessert: cheesecake bars

                Breakfast: cereal
                Lunch: sandwiches, chips, fruit
                Dinner:  homemade pizza
                Breakfast: cereal
                Lunch: with friends
                Dinner:  garlic artichoke pasta
                Breakfast: oatmeal
                Lunch: sandwiches/fruit/chips
                Dinner:  with friends
                Breakfast: cereal
                Lunch: grilled cream cheese sandwiches
                Dinner:  creamy caprese pasta, salad
                Breakfast: pb banana bfast bread pudding
                Lunch: rice beans, cheese
                Dinner: leftovers
                Breakfast: cereal
                Lunch: leftovers
                Dinner:  youth group

Groceries: fruit(5.39), 15 oz cans diced tomatoes(1.58), 14oz cans of artichoke hearts (2.99), cream(1.99), ground beef(3.49), tortillas(1.29), cream cheese(1.19), cereal(1.99), milk(1.49), parmesan cheese(1.99), Italian bread(2.29), pizza dough(2.99), good mozzarella cheese(2.69), sugar(2.88), shredded mozzarella(2.99), pasta(.99), butter(.79), lettuce (1.99), ranch (1.29), beans (.59), burritos (.70), peanut butter (2.29)

Grand Total: 45.87

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