Friday, June 1, 2012

Basket Flower Arrangement

Today I am going to show you how to do a fun flower arrangement. This one is particularly fun because I made it in a basket. I maybe should have shown this at Easter, but it's still spring, so that's close enough. This also might have been a great idea for a mother's day gift, but you live and you learn :) The most challenging part of this arrangement is preparing the basket. The shape I used is the triangle which you can get more basics about here.

Let's get started. In order to prepare the basket  you must 1) get a piece of foam that fits your basket and 2) find a plastic liner that fits in the basket as well. Once you find these two items, you are ready to go!

1) Place the plastic liner into your basket, make sure it is in there securely, use water proof tape if necessary. Mine fit in just right, so I didn't need anything to help hold it down. Then soak your flower foam, and place it into the plastic lined basket.

2) This is the easy part! Just follow the triangle method for flower arranging. Place your three largest pieces of foliage first. These pieces will be the three points of the arrangement. The tallest in the back and then the other two pieces on either side sticking out making the triangle shape. Don't forget to angle these forward a bit to give the piece depth.

3)The next step is to add in the foliage that will fill up much of the space left over. The first pieces that will be placed will fill in the framework shape of the triangle. I started with the back and moved forward. Cutting my pieces shorter and shorter as I went to make the triangle effect. Then slowly fill in the central piece of the foam. The piece will look like an outline and then to give it depth I fill in the front portion of the foam.

4) It is finally time for the flowers! Now is when you fill in the leftover spaces. Again, start with the biggest pieces. In this piece it is the large pink flowers in the back. Once those are placed then use your side pieces to go from the back point to the two sides (don't place the front flower yet) making a line down each side. The flowers should make a triangle shape without the bottom line.

5) The next flowers you will place are the focal flowers. In this arrangement they are the large white flowers. I chose to make my focal point to the side this time. I don't like complete symmetry, so an off center focal point is something I enjoy. You can make yours wherever you would like. Once you pick a good spot for those, make sure one is facing almost completely forward, and the other is more angled toward the ceiling a bit. 

6) Now it is time for front and filler flowers. The first of the last flowers you will place is your front row. I waited to do this until after the focal flowers so that I didn't crowd the front. I used multiple types of flowers to fill in the front and empty spaces because I like the pop of different colors, especially in the spring and summer. Just make sure when you use different colors that you are spacing them out from one another so there isn't a clump of one color, except for the focal flower.

7) The last thing to do is add any ribbon you would like and to check all sides and angles to be sure you don't have any holes or weird spots. Let me know if you have any questions or check out my intro to flower arranging. This will help you with color schemes and the basics of shapes, lines, movement and other important aspects of flower arranging! Enjoy :)

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