Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Book Update

If you're new to my blog (which you probably are, since my blog is new) you probably don't know that my husband and I are writing a book together! It is something we love doing and it's coming along really well! We started doing this just for fun, and since we don't have cable, or any TV channels it is also a great time filler. We currently have about 20 book pages complete which is really exciting. Our book is about four different main groups and we have the opening chapters for each of them completed (just needs editing). We are chugging right along. I'm sure different things will be added along the way, but so far it is sounding good to us :) If you like fantasy books, keep an eye out for when ours is almost finished because we will want some beta readers before we put it out on amazon and nook stuff. I will post snippets as we continue on and are closer to being finished.

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