Friday, May 25, 2012

Button Bobby Pins

As our last days in Indiana grew near, I had to find some quality hang out time with my friends before we left. So, we decided to have a craft day! I love doing crafts, and using stuff around the house to make something new. So, that is just what we did! My friend Sarah and I both have lots of antique buttons from our grandparents, so we got those out along with some thread, glue, and bobby pins. We had seen a couple of pictures on pinterest of bobby pins with buttons on them. We figured it couldn't be too hard, so we got started. First we collected which buttons we liked and began placing them in cute little patterns. Once we decided how we wanted our bobby pins to look, we glued the buttons together and sewed them to the bobby pins. It was super simple and look how great they turned out!

We sewed them to the actual bobby pin and then glued around the thread to help keep in in place because it is a little wobbly with just the thread. Also, be sure to wrap around both sides of the bobby pin so that it stays in place better, otherwise it has a tendency to want to rest on the side of the bobby pin. If you try this, you will know what I mean :) Anyway, check out the bobby pins I made in just an hour!


  1. Those are really cute! Our little girls just LOVE them! We appreciate you linking up to our “Strut Your Stuff Saturday.” We love seeing all of the great recipes and fun ideas! Hope to see you again next week! -The Sisters

  2. These are really cute! Thank you for sharing this on Saturday Show and Tell. I hope you'll be back this week.