Saturday, May 26, 2012

Getting Settled

We made it to Iowa!! I had pre planned some posts because I knew it would be crazy and hectic during the move! I was right, it was and we just got our internet figured out. The good news is that everything went so smoothly during the whole process :) We packed up the uhaul all day on Thursday and then we drove out to Iowa that evening. We got to stay with the senior pastor of the church Josh will be working for, that way we could get up early Friday morning and start moving in! That's exactly what we did, and now it is Saturday evening and we have almost all of our boxes unpacked, we've purchased most of our essentials with our wedding gift cards at Target, and we've gotten to take some time to get to know the area (and even try to find a house to move into).

Moving is such a process, especially across state lines, but it is also a blessing. It helped me realized how much God has blessed us with loving, supportive parents and with wonderful friends and family who blessed us with so much wedding stuff!! We can't fit nearly everything for our kitchen, so our spare bedroom closet is full of extra kitchen items, camping equipment, and tools. We love our little apartment, but are also excited to begin our house hunt and hopefully buy and move in the next six months (since our lease is up). Anyway, just an update! Hopefully, I will be able to be more regular with posts starting next Tuesday again seeing as we start Josh's youth pastor position right away with church in the morning and a lock in tomorrow night!! Have a great day!

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